This is why our clients trust us

“Combining line of business expertise with in-depth local market knowledge, Echo Re’s underwriters are committed to providing the best service to clients and business partners.”
Paul Hertelendy, Chief Underwriting Officer, Echo Reinsurance Limited


Financially sound thanks to the DEVK Group, at the same time we enjoy great freedom. That is why we are a strong partner for our cedents. Dedicated and motivated employees create trust, while our own underwriting guidelines and sufficient resources ensure more security.

Sup·port (n); something of great help to someone, a strong source of support, solidarity


The reason why our clients rely on us is because they know that we approach them on an equal footing and can assist and accompany them through the better and the difficult times. We are fair, meticulous, thorough, careful, responsible and trustworthy. For us, these are the foundations for any sustainable relationship, whether in business or private life.

Re·li·abil·i·ty (n); something upon which one can rely, build, count; trust; loyalty


Of course, as a reinsurer, we comply with all regulatory requirements. However, we are flexible and open to innovative ideas. Thanks to flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths, we are agile and are able to develop solutions faster than others.

Flex·i·bil·i·ty (n); good, (mentally) agile, (and lively) reactions, high levels of skill; swift reactions


In the reinsurance industry, experience is invaluable. Our underwriters and reinsurance specialists bring together hundreds of years of experience, and we are committed to sharing this valuable knowledge with our customers and our colleagues.

Ex·pe·ri·en·ce (n); familiarity gained via work in practice; education


We are curious. Our openness to new ideas and different approaches is what enables us to find innovative solutions. That is why we challenge and nurture the intellectual inquisitiveness of our employees and encourage them to change perspectives when they have to solve a problem or overcome a challenge.

Cu·ri·os·i·ty (n); the desire to experience or discover something new; interest, thirst for knowledge