Zurich, March 2023 

We are excited to share our latest achievement at Echo Re, building on last year’s announcement of our PDF statement processing capabilities. Thanks to the integration of ADEPT, we can now seamlessly exchange transactions across the entire ACORD GRLC accounting and settlement workflow, in collaboration with Aon plc.

Echo Re Ltd., Brandschenkestrasse 18-20, 8001 Zurich (Switzerland)

Press contact:

Gregor Schulte, Chief Financial & Operating Officer, phone +41 44 283 16 17, gregor.schulte@echore.com

About Echo Re Ltd

Echo Re Ltd. is a Zurich-based reinsurer founded in 2008 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the German DEVK Group (Rating “A-“ confirmed from Standard & Poor’s and Fitch). Echo Re serves clients in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean with dedicated and extensive reinsurance know how in P&C as well as Specialty Lines of Business such as Agriculture, Marine/Energy, Engineering, Extended Warranty,  Credit/Bond and Cyber.