It can be green, blue, and brown…
Green stands for clean energy, blue stands for the element water and brown?
No, this time it’s not earth. It’s a much sweeter substance that we all love: Chocolate!
It was a supreme pleasure for us, together with our sister company DEVK Re, to organize the first client-event for our cedants from the #technicalinsurance sector in Switzerland on May 24.

Along with Pascal Lüthi and Jürg Planta we explored various kinds of energy:

First, MWh (turbined, resp. pumped). We had the chance to catch a glimpse into the pumped storage power plant Limmern. It was impressive to experience firsthand the buildings and constructions that we insure and reinsure daily: To feel the hum of the turbines and to look at the imposing hydroelectric power plant.

Second, kcal (only pumped). It’s pumped into the chocolate fountain in the “House of Läderach chocolatier suisse” in Bilten. Here we had a superb tour of the chocolate factory. Unfortunately, according to our tour guide, the “Oompa Loompas” were already off-shift. Nevertheless, he passionately initiated us into the secrets of chocolate production… and of course, we were allowed to taste the results of production and we had no objections to that!

We thank all those who visited us for this event and those who guided us through the great facilities and assisted us in organizing the whole endeavor!

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